Welcome Scavenger Hunters!

Scavenger Hunt #1


Find Them All!

A fuzzy spider

A very thin insect

Insects working together

Something that glows

A good example of camouflage

A poison dart frog with blue skin

A large leaf with many holes in it

A feather on the ground

A black butterfly

A parrot that talks

A blue morpho butterfly

Six different kinds of birds

Two different kinds of shelled creatures

Three different coloured flowers

A plant with multicoloured leaves

Any invertebrate

A pupa (or chrysalid) that still has the butterfly inside

A lizard

A green bird

A pink chenille (plant with long fuzzy red flower)

A giant owl butterfly (it has eyes on it’s wings)

Four different kinds of vertebrates

A “butterfly buffet”

Two different kinds of animals with scales

Something with long legs

Two different kinds of fish

A fruit in a tree

Scavenger Hunt #2


Find Them All!

Something with many legs

Insect that looks like a leaf

A bird carrying something in it’s mouth

Butterflies “playing tag”

Something edible

A really big fish

A reptile with red legs

A grey bird

A red flower

A caterpillar

An egg

A plant that moves

A lily pad

Bite marks on a plant

Stacking turtles

An insect carrying a leaf

An orange frog

A butterfly emerging from it’s chrysalis

A small black fish

A small orange fish

We hope you enjoyed your Scavenger Hunt!

two small songbirds are capture in motion. One orange bird sits on a glass railing and the other yellow bird is mid-flight.
An iridescent beetle shimmers with blue and green and climbs a brown stick in front of green foliage.
A vibrant pink flower with triangular petals resting on a green leaf.