Welcome Scavenger Hunters!

Explore the Insectarium and the Gardens to complete the hunt!

Please do not touch or pick up the things on the list.

Just find them and check your list off!

Scavenger Hunt #1!


Find Them All!

A fuzzy spider

A very thin insect

Insects working together

Something that glows

A good example of camouflage

A poison dart frog with blue skin

A large leaf with many holes in it

A feather on the ground

A black butterfly

A parrot that talks

A blue morpho butterfly

Six different kinds of birds

Two different kinds of shelled creatures

Three different coloured flowers

A plant with multicoloured leaves

Any invertebrate

A pupa (or chrysalid) that still has the butterfly inside

A lizard

A green bird

A pink chenille (plant with long fuzzy red flower)

A giant owl butterfly (it has eyes on it’s wings)

Four different kinds of vertebrates

A “butterfly buffet”

Two different kinds of animals with scales

Something with long legs

Two different kinds of fish

A fruit in a tree

Found Them All? Well Done!

You have won the Victoria Butterfly Gardens silver medal 👏

Complete our 2nd hunt to win the gold 😊

Scavenger Hunt #2!


Find Them All!

Something with many legs

Insect that looks like a leaf

A bird carrying something in it’s mouth

Butterflies “playing tag”

Something edible

A really big fish

A reptile with red legs

A grey bird

A red flower

A caterpillar

An egg

A plant that moves

A lily pad

Bite marks on a plant

Stacking turtles

An insect carrying a leaf

An orange frog

A butterfly emerging from it’s chrysalis

A small black fish

A small orange fish

Found Them All? Congratulations!

You have won the Victoria Butterfly Gardens gold medal 👏